LLC “RosStroyKom-Logistik”, part of the GC «RCB Group», carries out a wide range of works on construction sites in various regions of Russia.

The main activities:

  • road construction;
  • civil and industrial construction;
  • external engineering networks;
  • hydraulic engineering and diving operations.

In the construction industry the company performs the following tasks:

  • surveying, preparation, earthworks;
  • device and installation of concrete and reinforced concrete monolithic structures;
  • protection of building structures, pipelines and equipment;
  • well device;
  • pile works;
  • installation of metal structures;
  • device highways and railroad tracks, and other types of construction works.

Engineering and diving operations:

  • Development and moving of soils hydromonitor and floating dredgers;
  • Cultivation and development of soils, underwater, mechanized way and distribution in blade or by floating means;
  • drilling and completion of wells for water;
  • pile works;
  • mounting, dismounting of building structures under water;
  • laying of pipelines under water.

Participation in the joint work on the laying of gas pipelines and heating pipes. Building foundation supports under federal trubomagistral.