“Nord Stream” – is not just a pipeline. This is an important link in Europe’s energy security.

Nord Stream – an international consortium of five large European energy companies, created in 2005 for the design, construction and operation of the pipeline composed of two lines of a length of 1224 km each in the Baltic Sea. For the company Nord Stream AG on the project “Nord Stream” in 2010-2011. performed works:

  • the construction of administrative complex botyvogo;
  • the construction site;
  • construction and installation works;
  • landscaping of the adjacent territory;
  • concrete and solid work;
  • anti-corrosion treatment of metal surfaces with the preparation and application of paints.

BJ Services Company – one of the world leaders in the field of cementing services, stimulation and maintenance of oil and gas wells, drilling with a negative differential pressure with continuous pipes. For the company BJ Services on the project “North Stream” performed works:

  • the construction and maintenance of mobile office complex;
  • Earthworks;
  • participation in commissioning;
  • technical supply project.