The company Van Oord – a powerful naval construction company, all over the world to perform the work on marine and coastal construction and dredging. For the company Van Oord on the subject “Bay” Port “performed works:

  • the construction of the modern building in the town of 150 employees;
  • site preparation 4, 5 hectares for the production of pipe-laying work on it;
  • the construction of an artificial promontory 1200 m in length;
  • the device the two tranches of a total length of 550×60 meters and a depth of 5;
  • anchors for winch mounting systems and installation of hoists;
  • technical supply project;
  • landscaping of the adjacent territory.

Stroygazkonsalting Group (SGC) – Russia’s largest construction holding. Enterprises engaged in furnishing SGK oil and gas fields, construction of compressor stations, main pipelines, roads and bridges, production of building materials and equipment for the company’s on-site Stroygazkonsalting bay “Port” performed works:

  • unit of an office building;
  • Earthworks;
  • technical supply project.